NPD Update 3.45 (05/30/00)

Update on CD-ROM. This update is being released on CD-ROM and at Acorn Dataís web site, If you need floppy copies of this update, insert the CD and cancel the update screen. Then, use Windows Explorer or My Computer to copy SETUP.EXE from the CD to a blank floppy. Then copy SETUP.W02 to a second blank floppy. Alternately, you may copy both to a ZIP disk. Install the update from floppy in the regular way using NPD Tools. (Do not copy AUTORUN.INF)

The update should start a few seconds after you insert the CD. If not, use Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.


About This Update

The following modifications have been added since the last update of 02/26/00:


  1. The NIE counts on the Daily Draw Sheet are now correct.
  2. The Export for Address Check now offers a choice to export to diskette (or other drive) or to email the file to Acorn Data Systems. Use the diskette icon to prepare a floppy in the usual way; use the email icon to send it via email. NOTE: AOL and web-based email systems will not work. In the case of AOL, it is by AOLís choice. They do not allow other programs to initiate an email message. You can still email the address update using AOL or a web-based email system by exporting to floppy and then sending an email to with the NPDnnnn.ZIP file attached. Do not send NPXnnnn.ZIP. (nnnn is your distributor number.)

    HINT: When sending a floppy, use one of the plastic diskette holders that an NPD Update came in.
  3. Edit Subscriber now has a field for the Subscriberís email address and a button to start a message to the subscriber. The limitations mentioned above for AOL, etc. apply.
  4. The Tips by Pay Period report now has a heading that reflects the full pay period.
  5. Route Transfer now transfers all old information if the FROM route no longer has addresses. This allows you to delete the old route, since it no longer has any carrier pay information.
  6. The bill stub, for full page regular bills only, now display the customerís phone numbers. This allows them to note incorrect telephone numbers.
  7. A new screen, Billing Status, has been added to the Billing switchboard. It provides a summary of bill through dates by Select Code and Bill Type. This lets you see if you have customers who have fallen behind in billing. NOTE: Good Starts are listed first.
  8. You may now use a filter to select customers for Billing Generate. If you use a filter, remember to eventually bill those who did not meet the filter.
  9. Enter PP Credits now has an Account Info button.
  10. The Bill Now screen now lets you specify the Bill Through date.
  11. Account Info now has a Convert PP to BR button. This function clears the account balance and sets the account for distributor billing as of the date you specify. Billing history is retained.
  12. The fourth line of the Bill-To Address (Subscriber Edit) is being phased out. To see which accounts use the 4th line, go to Special Functions and press Use of Bill-To Line 4. From that screen, press the blue Explode button to open Subscriber Edit where you can modify the address to use only three lines. This is a required change. You may need to take care of this by June 30, 2000.
  13. Good Starts over 16 weeks old will be automatically removed from Good Start. This should never happen, but has been added as a precaution.



For Your Information

  1. Get your NPD Updates On-line. Ė Now NPD updates are posted on our web page for downloading. Downloading can get you the update almost a week earlier than waiting for the diskettes or CD. If you would like to sign up for this, send an email to NODISKS@ACORNDATA.COM. Be sure to include your name in the message body, as sometimes I canít figure it out from your email address.
  2. Please do not send backups for address updates. Use the Export for Address Check on the Address Switchboard. In the future, there may be an extra charge if you send a backup.
  3. NOTE: Promos, like the 13-week special, should not have a fixed end date. Having one complicates a delayed start. But more importantly, the date will be invalid next year. The fixed end date has special use, such as the end of a school semester. If you used fixed end dates, remember to correct them before you use them next year.

Earl O. Merrill

Acorn Data Systems, Inc.