NPD Update 3.46 (06/20/00)


About This Update

This update is being provided on-line only. This update is not available on diskette or CD-ROM.

The following modifications have been added since the last update of 05/30/00:


  1. Paper Account Number (PAN) The PAN replaces the Prepay Account Number. The PAN applies to all customers, not just PrePays.
  2. On the Subscribers switchboard, the Paper Account Numbers button has been added to provide entry for existing customers. For prepays, the PAN should already be there. The customers are sorted the way I was told the printout would be sorted. Use the Locate Subscriber button to position to an address. You will need to that unless you enter all the PANs in one sitting (Grin).
  3. On the Special Functions switchboard, the Prepare Agent 2 Post File button is used to prepare a file for the Washington Post. DO NOT PREPARE THIS FILE UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO BY THE WASHINGTON POST.


Call or email if there are any questions or problems.


Earl O. Merrill

Acorn Data Systems, Inc.