NPD Update 3.48 (11/24/00)

The NPD 3.48 CD contains four programs you may install:


The New NPD Installation and the AcornFTP Installation may restart your computer.

It is redundant to run both the NPD Update and the NPD New Installation.

New NPD Installation

2.      NPD Update 3.48

3.      AcornFTP

4.      Adobe© Acrobat Reader 4.0

Save this CD so you will have a recent NPD Installation should you buy a new computer.

The AcornFTP program is used by NPD to exchange data between your computer and (a) Acorn Data’s web site and (b)The Washington Post’s web site.  Data exchange with the Washington Post is currently in pilot testing.  Do not attempt these features until instructed to do so by your zone manager.  This update adds the capability to (a) place your Export For Address Check on Acorn Data’s web site; (b) Down load the latest version of NPD and optionally install it for you; and (c) Upload a backup to Acorn Data’s web site.  The upload of a backup is to be performed only when requested by Earl Merrill.

The following modifications have been added since the last update of 3.47 (07/23/00):

  1. Support has been added for processing of American Express’s Express Payment Software.  NPD now supports both ICVerify and Ax Express Payment.
  2. Bill Now has been improved so it better guesses the Bill-Thru date you will want.
  3. Carrier Mail now remembers when you select the Use Sub Carriers option.
  4. A NIE Donation Statement button has been added to the Financial switchboard.  Select the date range, e.g. all of the year 2000 to print a statement for one or all your customers.  The statement is designed to fit in the regular invoice envelope.
  5. The Export for Address Check now has three choices: Export to Floppy, FTP to Acorn Data, and Email to Acorn Data.  The FTP option was added for agents whose email system is not compatible with Microsoft’s email conventions.  The current password is earl, all in lower case.  Some of you will need to be already connected to the internet for this to work.  If you are using a fire wall, be sure to allow AcornFTP to access the internet.  Once you have uploaded the Address Check, you need to notify Acorn Data by telephone, email, or by using the NPD eStore to pay for it. If your email address is on file, the results will be emailed to you. Otherwise, snail mail will be used.
  6. A Download NPD Update button has been added to NPD Tools.  The password for this download is update, all in lower case.  Be sure to check to make sure the current download is newer than the one you are currently using.
  7. The Backup in NPD Tools now allows for uploading your backup to Acorn Data’s web site.  The password is earl, all in lower case.  This feature is for problem solving and must not be used without prior approval.

 Call or email if there are any questions or problems.

 Earl O. Merrill

Acorn Data Systems, Inc.