NPD Update 3.50 (05/07/01)

The NPD CD contains four programs you may install:


The New NPD Installation and the AcornFTP Installation may restart your computer.

It is redundant to run both the NPD Update and the NPD New Installation.

New NPD Installation

2.      NPD Update

3.      AcornFTP

4.      Adobe© Acrobat Reader 4.0

Save this CD so you will have a recent NPD Installation should you buy a new computer.If you have an internet connection, you are encouraged to install AcornFTP if you have not already done so.The best way to download a new version of NPD is to use the Download NPD Update button in NPD Tools.(The password is update, all in lower case.)

The following modifications have been added since the last update of 3.49 (02/15/01):

  1. The first line of the Bill-To address is no longer reset to the subscriberís name after an address update.
  2. A Bill Now for new customers starting on a promo/RPO now bills for the duration of the promo/RPO.This was added to meet the 10-week $10/$20 offer requirements.
  3. A Route List report has been added to the Address switchboard to print all addresses in alpha or delivery order.You may select the routes to be printed.This is also available (in serve order only) from the Serve Order screen on the Routes switchboard.
  4. The Daily Transactions for Washington Post Online now handles days with zero transactions.Also, garbage in the transaction is now handled better.
  5. NPD now has a Process capability for the Daily Transactions. For new starts the subscriber name, address and phone are filled in. In most cases all the agent has to do is select the edition. For vacations, the start/restart dates and NIE Donation are filled in.More features after more feedback from the pilot group.
  6. The P2A Reconciliation now has a Route Serve report based on the Post data.Note: This report counts customers, not papers.


a.      The password to download a NPD update from NPD Tools is update.

b.      The password to FTP an Export For Address Check is earl.

Please make note of the passwords so you wonít have to call me for them!

c.      The Washington Post is moving forward with its Central Records project.If you are not already, you are advised to become proficient in basic email and web browser functions.Due to the variety of ISPs and software packages, providing assistance over the phone is often very difficult.

d.      The best times to call with questions or problems is from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.Please limit calls at other times to emergencies.

e.      If you surf the net or use email, you are encouraged to use anti-virus software, and to keep its virus file current.I like both McAfee and Norton, but Iím sure there are others that are just as good.

f.        If you are backing up to floppies and itís taking more than 3 floppies, you are encouraged to purchase a ZIP drive or a CD-RW drive.They take the pain out of backing up and are much more reliable than floppies.

g.      Also, use the Backup on Normal Exit option on the Main switchboard.While not a replacement for external backups, they are more convenient when you need to restore.

h.      Stay current, get on my email list.If you are not on my email list, send an email to sure to include your name and area number.Of course, remember to notify me of any address or phone change.

i.        The Post Office may be changing the rates for bulk mail in July.

j.         You may make Visa/Master Charge payments to Acorn with PayPal.PayPal provides the credit card service for eBay and a number of other web sites.Visit and go to the NPD eStores page.There you can join PayPal (itís free).After you have joined, you must return to the NPD eStore to enter your payment.


Call or email if there are any questions or problems.

 Earl O. Merrill

Acorn Data Systems, Inc.