NPD Update 3.60 (01/24/07) by Acorn Data Systems


What’s on this NPD CD?

·         New NPD Installation—to install NPD on a new computer.

·         NPD Update—to update NPD with the latest features on your current computer.

·         AcornFTP—to install AcornFTP on a new computer.

·         Adobe© Acrobat Reader 7.0—the free software for reading PDF files.

You may install any of the four applications on this CD that you need. It is redundant to run both the NPD Update and the New NPD Installation, since they are both at the same version. The New NPD Installation and the AcornFTP may restart your computer.


Save This CD

In the event that you buy a new computer in the future, you can use this CD to install NPD on your new computer.  Then use NPD Tools to download the latest version before you restore your database to the new computer.  If you don’t do this NPD may not run until you do.  See the NPD Technical Note How to Install NPD on a New Computer which is on the web site and the NPD CD.

When NPD says your database is of a newer version than NPD, you must use NPD Tools to download the latest version of NPD.  NPD requires this so you don’t cripple your database by using an obsolete copy of NPD.

Other Newspapers (WSJ, USA Today, etc.)

NPD does not provide good support for other titles unless they are also getting the Washington Post, as is the case with the Korean Daily.  I’m looking at a way to handle this, but that is several months away.

Windows Vista – Not Yet Supported

It appears the NPD Setup program does not like Vista.  Please hold off on buying a new computer with Vista until I can resolve this.

Modifications and Enhancements to Look for in NPD 3.60

Many of you routinely use NPD Tools to work with the most recent version on NPD.  This is recommended.  Some of you are still using the version from the last CD in 2005.  This is not recommended.

Following are the key changes made since Version 3.59 build 04/25/2005

  1. Edition Rename – A button has been added to the Special Functions switchboard to allow renaming an edition.  For example, one can rename F 12 to F12.
  2. Drop Bad Addresses – A button has been added to the Address switchboard to allow you to delete addresses that did not pass the CASS certification.  If the address is being used, it is not deleted.
  3. Insert Plan – You can now setup the number of inserts for each day of the week, and specify if the carrier gets paid for the insert.
  4. Substitute Carrier Pay – You can now pay substitute carriers at a different rate than is normally used for the route.
  5. Edition Hint – A hint field has been added to editions.  One use of the Hint is to enter the Paper Code associated with that edition.
  6. Negative Extra Papers – You can now enter a negative number for the extra papers for a route.  The purpose is to offset the draw inflation caused by WSJ, USAT, etc.  You may or may not find this helpful.

FYI: Tips that will make your work a little easier

1.       Passwords:  The password to download a NPD update from NPD Tools is update. The password to FTP an Export for Address Check is earl.   Unless you had it changed, the password for the used with the Washington Post Online feature is your agent number.  Call the Washington Post if you need password help with the Distributor Services and other web sites.

2.       When to Call Acorn Data:  The best time to call with problems or questions is Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., or between 1:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Please limit calls at other times to emergencies only.

3.       Be Safe, Back Up Your Work:  Use the Backup on Normal Exit option on the Main Switchboard to automatically back up your work on NPD. This feature is not a replacement for external backups (you should continue to do that), but it is a convenient way to restore your database.  The Acorn Data fee to recover from a problem when you lack adequate or reasonable backups is $200 for the first hour.  The purpose of this fee is to encourage you to keep backups for at least a week as sometimes a problem is not uncovered for several days.

4.       NPD Technical Notes.  From time to time, a new Technical Note will be added.  Go to NPD Technical Notes from the web page and note the How Tos listed there.  You may want to print and save some of them.

5.      Keep Up to Date, Get on My Email List:  Stay informed of updates, tips and other valuable information. If you are not already on my email list, send an email to Include your name and area number. Also, remember to notify me of any changes to your address, phone or email.  FYI AOL Users:  Sometimes AOL rejects all my emails.

6.      Jump/Flash/Thumb Drives.   These devices offer a fast and secure way to backup your database. Be sure to use the Safely Remove Hardware icon before removing the device.  Failure to do this can result in an incomplete and useless backup.

7.      Backup to Acorn Data Dropbox.  NPD users with current support/update coverage can backup to the dropbox.  This provides a safe off-site place to store your data.  With NPD Version 3.60, you can specify a “Personal Password” for your backup.  This prevents anyone who does not know the password from restoring your backup.  IF YOU USE A PERSONAL PASSWORD, YOU MUST REMEMBER IT!

8.      Restore Older Versions.  NPD Tools Version 3.60 can restore backups made with older versions of NPD Tools.  However, older versions cannot restore backups made with version 3.60.



Earl O. Merrill

Acorn Data Systems, Inc. 410-997-0187