NPD eStore (Prices as of 9/01/07)


NPD License and support Fee is $260.00 per year which includes all Cass Updates.

(This makes the process simpler and is a savings to you, the NDP user)





To check your license, click on "Special Functions", "Extend Update License" and view your expiration date. If your license  expired in 2007 prior to August 1, you will need to remit payment of $225.00 along with your "license  support key #". If your support license expires after August 1, 2007, the new support fee will apply. If your support license expired prior to August 1, 2007, please call me to discuss procedures for updating. All License Support Fees will be due by October 1, 2007, because of a mandatory update required by the "Washington Post". "Warning: Do not download the new update before you have renewed you license"


If you have more than one area, add $50.00 for each additional area for support and Cass Updates for the year.


Cass updates for those who do not wish to pay for support is $55.00 per update.



Do Not use Pay Pal for payment.


Always include your agent number in the payment information.

Make payment to:

Stuff-et Inc.

12602 Cherrywood Ln

Bowie, Md  20715-1640