NPD Downloads

1. NPD Update 3.62 (04/04/08) is now available.   A CD containing the version 3.60 (01/24/07) update and installation was mailed to all current NPD users in January 2007.  The CD also contains the installation program for AcornFTPAcornFTP provides data transfer between your NPD and Acorn Data's web site, and data transfer between your NPD and the Washington Post's web site.  Due to its size, the AcornFTP installation is currently not available for download.   Updating NPD automatically updates AcornFTP as it is already installed.  Use of Download NPD Update in NPD Tools is the better method.  Use this web page to download the update when your firewall prevents the download by Tools.

Click here to download UPDATE.EXE (Approx 2.9 MB)

Save UPDATE.EXE to your download folder or to your NPD01 folder.   After the download completes, open (double-click) the saved UPDATE.EXE to install the update.  You can also select "Run this program from its current location". 

The easiest and best way to download the latest NPD update is with the Download NPD Update button in NPD Tools.

Warning:  If you download from this web page, your browser may give you a previous download, which may be an older version.  Using NPD Tools for the download avoids this problem.


A description of this update is at NPD Update 3.60 (01/24/07).  Visit NPD Update History for a description of recent updates.


If you experience any problems with this release, please send an email to explaining the problem.

2. New USPS Postal Rates Effective May 12, 2008.

Click here for  Download Instructions.  (The latest version of NPD does not contain the latest postal rates.)


3. Jet 8 for Windows XP

Click on the Jet 8 Update below to begin downloading the Jet 8 update for Windows XP.  It's best to select Run from Current Location.  You can save it to your Desktop and run it from there.

Click here for  Jet 8 Update.

(Updated 28-August-2007)